New Orleans Saints: Dez Bryant Waited and Hit The Lottery

The New Orleans Saints have struck a deal with free agent wide receiver Dez Bryant this week. The Saints are now the best in the NFC, thanks to their victory Sunday over the Los Angeles Rams, and things just got harder for the rest of the NFL. As good as Drew Brees and the Saints’ offense has been this season; it’s on another level now.

By adding Bryant, Brees now may have his best offense since entering the NFL.

Pairing Bryant with Michael Thomas will give the Saints an offense that’s just as explosive or even better than what the Rams have. With their running backs, who can either run past or through you, the Saints have managed to put together what should be considered the NFL’s deadliest core.

And for Dez Bryant, this has to be a blessing after being released by the Dallas Cowboys.

Bryant’s name was linked to any team who were in need of receiver help this season. From the Browns, Eagles, and Patriots and so many more. However, with each visit he took, he left still unemployed. Many questioned if it was his asking price or that teams thought he was done. And some though was he waiting for the right opportunity. It seems we have our answer now. Dez Bryant wanted to win.

In New England, he had a great shot but how many balls would’ve gone his way with Rob Gronkowski, Josh Gordon, and Julian Edelman? Bryant’s pairing with Brees was a marriage no one saw coming. The best part about this is, Bryant knew his worth, what he wanted, and wasn’t afraid to hold out until he got what he deserved.

Leaving Dak Prescott for Drew Brees is every receiver’s dream. Prescott has struggled the last two seasons while Brees, in his late 30’s, has continued to outrun Father Time. While Ezekiel Elliott is one of the best backs in the game, Bryant will have freedom as a possession receiver with help from Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram. What more could he ask for?

Dez Bryant is attempting the same route Randy Moss did in 2007 with the Patriots. A good receiver who has put up good numbers but was tied to teams who didn’t have what it took to get a ring. There’s still plenty of football left for the Saints but how can anyone bet against this offense now?

New Orleans Saints Proving They’re Ready To Win

With the deal, questions are looming if Bryant will be an excellent fit for the Saints’ locker room. Although he’s been a bit on the unpredictable side in Dallas, a lot of that has to do with the inconsistencies of the organization and QB. With Tony Romo, Bryant was one of the best in the league. With Prescott, his numbers took a dip, and he’s had some issues making catches.

Now he has something to play for, and that should worry opposing defenses. On the year, only Thomas has more than 12 receptions for the Saints. Yes, no other receiver for the New Orleans Saints has caught more than 12 passes. And yet, they rank 7th in passing yards. And critics still think this was not a good pick up.

Bryant’s presence will make Thomas an even better receiver and may get him over the 2k mark on the season. But how is that possible with Kamara and now Bryant taking away passes? Easy. On the year, Thomas averages 110 yards per game. Now, with Bryant on the opposite end and used as a possession receiver, Thomas can focus on using his speed on the outside. Typically, his 8-12 receptions per game will get him his yards, but now he can go over the top of a defense and take a Go Route to the house. Instead of taking hits across the middle, 4-5 receptions can still get him his season average.

This is the dynamic that Dez Bryant will bring to the New Orleans Saints. It doesn’t matter if he’s labeled the No. 2 or No. 3 receiver. What it boils down to is that he gets a second chance and makes the most of it. But most importantly, he wants to prove to the Cowboys and Saints he still can produce with the best of them.

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