New York Giants: 3 Free Agents to Target in 2019


OLB Dee Ford (Kansas City Chiefs)

Another glaring weakness on the Giants roster, is the ability to rush the passer. Dee Ford may be an expensive commodity, but the Giants could be in play for him if they play their cards right.

With an estimated $31 million in cap-space, the Giants may need to move a player or two to make a deal with Ford possible. This is also implying that the Kansas City Chiefs don’t re-sign Ford at some point before free agency.

If he’s available though, he’d be a great addition on this defense. Olivier Vernon is probably the best pass rusher on this defense, but there just isn’t much production from the sacks department.

The Giants have just 10 sacks this year (second least in the NFL). Rushing the passer needs to be a focal point next off-season, as quarterbacks are having too much time to throw against the Giants.

Another sign showing how bad the Giants pass rush has been, is the fact they have a 3.5% sack rate in the NFL (second worst in the NFL).

With new defensive coordinator James Bettcher, the Giants switched from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defensive scheme. Ford fits this scheme perfectly as an edge rusher, currently playing in a 3-4 scheme for the Chiefs.

Ford has continually improved the last few years, especially this season. Currently, the Chiefs outside linebacker has eight sacks on the season (tied for fourth in the NFL).

The Giants could absolutely use someone like Ford in their defensive system. It remains to be seen if Vernon fits the Giants current scheme, but if he figures it out, him and Ford could possibly be a lethal duo.

Here’s Ford’s ability to speed rush off the edge.

He wasn’t able to sack the quarterback, but his ability to create instant pressure (without the offensive lineman putting hands on him), would prove to be beneficial for the Giants.

Signing Ford may be hard to accomplish, but if the Giants are looking for a premier pass rusher, they should look no further than Ford.

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