New York Giants: 3 Takeaways From Week 6 Loss vs. Eagles

All is not well in the Big Apple. The New York Giants fell to 1-5, with their loss to the Philadelphia Eagles last night on Thursday Night Football.

The score was 34-13, with the Eagles absolutely dominating the Giants from the very outset of the game.

Not many positives came out of this game for the Giants, leaving the media to have many questions on this team going forward.

Everything is worse when you are losing. This is especially true for this year’s Giants. Everything they do is being held under a microscope because of the way they’ve under-achieved so far.

If they were winning, would the media question them on if they made the right selection with Saquon Barkley? Should they have taken Sam Darnold instead?

Should Eli be benched? Who do you draft next year to replace him?

Those questions don’t arise if they were 5-1, but unfortunately they are 1-5. Winning cures everything, especially in modern-day sports.

There were a few takeaways from this game still, good and bad (mostly bad).

Here is what I took away from last night’s loss for the G-Men.

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