The New York Jets need to stop playing with Jamal Adams

Jamal Adams, Jets, Patriots, Bills, Dolphins
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Jamal Adams situation with the New York Jets is one that should have been avoided this offseason.

Last season, the Jets publicly stated they had no intention of trading their star safety. Shortly after, the rumors started to fly that the Jets and Dallas Cowboys were engaged in trade talks. While the Jets weren’t actively seeking to trade Adams, it looked bad, especially in the eyes of Adams who was vocal about wanting to stay with the Jets.

New York and GM Joe Douglas need to make this situation right as soon as possible.

The Jets are ready to emerge from their rebuild and finally put their best foot forward. Quarterback Sam Darnold is entering his third year. Le’Veon Bell is no longer a year removed from playing football and the rust should be off. The offensive line has been rebuilt. Linebacker C.J. Mosley should be ready to play and help lead the defense.

Adams is a star and feels disrespected by the lack of movement on a new contract and his agent has requested the ability to seek a trade. The Jets can’t afford to lose Adams right now.

Historically, New York hasn’t been very willing to offer their players new deals off of their rookie contracts. The Jets and Douglas are not in a position to lose one of their best players in a season where optimism should be prevalent. This should be the season the Jets take a step forward, but the Adams situation threatens that.

The Jets are still over $20 million under the salary cap. They can afford to sign Jamal Adams without breaking the bank this season. Next year, they are slated to have just under $60 million in free cap space as well. Money isn’t the issue, at least on paper.

The Jets to send a message to their players and their fans that they are willing to invest in their own players, something which historically the Jets have failed to do.

In this COVID-19 world, sports headlines are few and far between, but the Jets are managing to make headlines with how they are handling the Adams situation and that is a terrible look.

If the Jets were smart, they would make headlines tomorrow with Adams by signing him to a new contract and put this nonsense behind them. It is time to get off the rumors page with trade speculation and secure one of the best players to wear a Jets uniform in years.

The time is now to sign Jamal Adams and show the players and fans that these aren’t the same old franchise and that there is a commitment to get better.