New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers Still Looks Injured In New Video

Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets
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After last season turned into a disaster right away for the New York Jets when future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles in Week 1, there is plenty of hope that this season will be different.

Rodgers has seemed recovered from that injury, and the Jets have a few new pieces in wide receiver Mike Williams, linebacker Haason Reddick and offensive tackle Tyron Smith.

As a result, the hype is building once again around the Jets, and some are saying they have the potential to get to the Super Bowl, if not win the Super Bowl championship.

But they’re still the Jets, and it seems as if bad fortune is always just lurking around the corner for them.

Sure enough, a recent video showed Rodgers taking off his cleats and looking at his right heel, and it caused some fans to freak out.

Craig Carton, a New York City-area native who hosts “The Carton Show,” pointed out that Rodgers was also limping during drills and was actually checking his right Achilles, not his right heel.

Sometimes after an athlete tears his Achilles, the rest of his body, especially his lower body, will become vulnerable afterward. It is, after all, one of the worst injuries an athlete can ever suffer, especially for a quarterback in the game of football.

Rodgers is 40 years of age, which means he has tons of wear and tear from 15 seasons of being an elite NFL starting QB. While he could very well bounce back and play well and remain healthy for all of this upcoming season, one shouldn’t necessarily expect it to happen.

If something bad happens to him again, the Jets will likely crash again. Their QB2 is Tyrod Taylor, who will turn 35 in August and has a career completion rate of 61.7 percent.

Last year, without Aaron Rodgers, the Jets were somewhat competitive for a while. They won three straight games in October, which brought their season record to 4-3, on the strength of their defense, which is arguably the best thing they have going for them.

But Zach Wilson, who was forced to start under center again, turned in another rough year, and a five-game losing streak in November and early December killed any faint hope New York had of making the playoffs.

Will the Jets have their usual Jets-like season, or will they actually be able to sustain some good fortune and reward their fans for sticking with them all these years?

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