NFL: 2 bold predictions for each QB in the AFC West in Week 2

Chargers, Tyrod Taylor

Tyrod Taylor, Los Angeles Chargers

Week 2 matchup: vs. Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, Sept. 20

Rush for 50 or more yards

Taylor is a quarterback who has always known how to use his legs. He carried the ball six times on Sunday but could only muster up seven yards. If the Chargers are playing from behind in this game, Taylor will have to drop back to pass a lot. This also leaves him with some rushing options. If no one is open, Taylor can travel out of the pocket to extend the play and pick up some yards using his legs.

No turnovers

The defense in Kansas City is improved but still imperfect. They were able to pick off Deshaun Watson once on Thursday. One thing that Taylor cannot do is turn the ball over and makes things worse for his team. This is a one-sided matchup on paper but Taylor can do his best to even the playing field by hanging onto the ball and going on long drives.

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