NFL Agent Reveals Bad News For Cowboys In Dak Prescott Talks

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The Detroit Lions just signed quarterback Jared Goff to a massive four-year, $212 million extension, and an NFL agent thinks that is a bad sign for the Dallas Cowboys in their contract negotiations with Dak Prescott.

“Each day that passes, Dak’s price goes up,” the agent said, via Matt Lombardo of

An anonymous NFL general manager also agreed that Prescott has gained considerable leverage.

“Goff’s contract puts Dallas in a tough spot,” the general manager told Heavy.

Prescott has reportedly been seeking a new deal worth in the neighborhood of $60 million annually. It sounded outlandish to many at first, but now that Goff just landed a pact that will pay him $53 million per year, Prescott’s request doesn’t sound all that crazy anymore.

Of course, just because Goff signed that deal does not necessarily mean that Prescott will get the $60 million he is asking for.

Prescott is coming off of a fantastic 2023 campaign in which he led the NFL with 36 passing touchdowns and finished second in MVP voting. It was, by far, the best season of his career.

However, the Cowboys once again lost early in the playoffs, falling to the Green Bay Packers in the Wild Card Round.

That ran Prescott’s lifetime postseason record to 2-5, which is something that Dallas may very well consider when comparing his deal to Goff’s.

Prescott is generally viewed as a better quarterback than Goff, especially nowadays. However, Goff has experienced considerably more playoff success than Prescott.

Goff led the Los Angeles Rams to a Super Bowl appearance during the 2018-19 campaign, and this past season, he took the Lions all the way to the NFC Championship Game and actually built a 24-7 halftime lead over the San Francisco 49ers before Detroit blew it.

So, Prescott may post better regular-season numbers than Goff, but it doesn’t actually mean that he is worth that much more than Goff.

Prescott is getting set to enter the final year of his current deal, and the Cowboys seem prepared to let him play out 2024 without a new contract. That would mean the 30-year-old would get to test free agency next offseason.

Dallas’ strategy seems to be allowing Prescott to hit the open market, where he may find out no team is willing to give him $60 million annually. That would then give the Cowboys the opportunity to re-sign him on a more economical deal.

However, there is no question that that plan just became a bit murkier now that Goff got paid.

We’ll see if Dallas is able to work something out with Dak Prescott before the 2024 campaign begins. If not, then buckle up.

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