NFL Analyst Doubles Down On Giants Adding Belichick, Prescott

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It has been quite some time since the New York Giants were viewed as a legitimate contender. However, there could be light starting to form at the end of the tunnel. Throughout the NFL offseason, there have been some rumblings that the Giants could look to turn things around next season by adding Bill Belichick as their head coach and stealing Dak Prescott away from the Dallas Cowboys.

As wild as that sounds, it actually makes sense.

Belichick was unable to find a new coaching job this offseason after mutually agreeing to part ways with the New England Patriots at the end of the 2023 season. He is the best head coach in NFL history to most and would immediately give the Giants an upgrade on the sidelines.

At the quarterback position, the Daniel Jones experiment has been an absolute failure. Prescott, who is currently in a tough situation with the Cowboys from a contract and long-term perspective, could be available next offseason. If he is available, the Giants would be wise to throw everything at him to finally have a legitimate franchise quarterback.

Recently, an NFL analyst doubled down on the idea that the Giants adding both Belichick and Prescott is a legitimate possibility.

NFL Analyst Doubles Down On New York Giants Adding Belichick, Prescott

In a Tuesday segment on “The Herd with Colin Cowherd,” analyst Nick Wright talked about the Giants adding Belichick and Prescott.

“I think it is on the board that Dak Prescott and Bill Belichick are a package deal next season to the New York Giants. That Bill gets to come back to the Giants, they get to steal away the Cowboys quarterback, answer that problem and build. I think Bill and Dak could go and you could remake an entire organization, head coach and quarterback a year from now.”

What a turnaround that would be for the Giants. A team that made a massive mistake by giving Jones such a lucrative contract could turn things around so quickly with those two moves.

Looking at the current roster, the Giants have been able to put together quite a bit of talent. Adding a legendary head coach and a legitimate superstar quarterback could be the fixes needed to get back on track.

Along with the moves to hire Bill Belichick and bring in Dak Prescott would come players that want to compete for a Super Bowl. Players want to play for Belichick and they want to play alongside Prescott. Those two additions could cause a waterfall effect of talent wanting to come to New York.

While it’s been a long time since the Giants were viewed as a favorable destination, that could change quickly. Obviously, these moves are far from being a given, but they could happen.

Expect to hear quite a few rumors surrounding the Giants, Belichick, and Prescott as the 2024 season unfolds. If things all fall perfectly for New York, they could remake their entire franchise back into a serious contender by next season.

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