NFL Analyst Reveals Bold 2023 Prediction For Colts’ Anthony Richardson

Anthony Richardson, Colts
NFL Analysis Network

Anthony Richardson is set to begin his NFL career with the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday afternoon against the Jacksonville Jaguars. While the expectations are high for Richardson’s future, many believe that he is destined to struggle through his rookie year. There have been a ton of opinions about the No. 4 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, but Richardson will have the final say in how the season goes.

There is no question that Richardson has legitimate superstar potential. He has a cannon for an arm, extreme athleticism, and leadership that can’t be taught. Obviously, there will be some developmental frustrations as he gets used to the NFL game, but the hype is real and deserved.

Heading into Week 1 action, one NFL analyst did not hold back from making a massive prediction for Richardson’s first season.

Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus stated that he believes Richardson will top 1,000 rushing yards in 2023 for the Colts.

“Richardson possesses unprecedented athletic gifts and is playing for a head coach who just ran this gameplan with Hurts in Philadelphia. One thousand rushing yards for an NFL quarterback is no longer crazy, and that could easily be within Richardson’s reach if he plays all 17 games.”

No one has contested Richardson’s ability to make plays with his legs. However, there are those that put him in the same category of a “running back at the quarterback position” like both Lamar Jackson and Justin Fields have been labeled by many. Richardson is much more than that.

Very few quarterbacks around the NFL have the kind of arm ability that Richardson possesses. With the flick of his wrist, he can launch the ball 40 yards down the field easily. The big play will always be a threat for the Colts with Richardson leading the way.

Shane Steichen and company could not be more excited about Anthony Richardson. For him to come in as a rookie and win the starting job as quickly as he did, it’s clear they have a lot of belief in him. Also, he was named a captain, which is impressive for a rookie.

Expect to see Richardson come out strong and confident to begin his career. He may not put up superstar production, but this season isn’t about immediate superstar production. The Colts feel they have a quarterback that can lead their franchise many years into the future and fans should not be putting too much pressure on the 2023 season.