NFL Analyst Reveals Las Vegas Raiders’ Brutal Nightmare Scenario

Las Vegas Raiders
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The Las Vegas Raiders find themselves embroiled in a transition away from Derek Carr.

Carr, a mainstay for the franchise for roughly a decade, found a solution to his vacancy quickly. However, the Raiders instead have added their second major quarterback in two years.

The change at quarterback is just one part of the roster getting renovated. As with any renovation, this one began with a vision or perhaps even a dream. However, one analyst has named how that dream could become a nightmare.

As shared by Heavy, Brad Gagnon of Bleacher Report listed every NFL team and how their seasons could become nightmares. Here’s what the analyst had to say about the Raiders.

“Davante Adams continues to decline, two young elite tight ends prove superfluous, and their two backup-caliber quarterbacks perform like backup-caliber quarterbacks,” he said.

Quarterback instability sits at the root of Las Vegas Raiders’ potential problems

Of course, calling Adams’ one-season slip a decline could be a bit premature.

Adams earned 1144 yards and eight receiving touchdowns in 2023, per Pro Football Reference. While those totals are a step down from his roughly 1500 yards over the previous two seasons before that, it would take another season to place the blame squarely on Adams’ shoulders.

One big reason for the step back could be the quarterback and head coach roulette the team was subjected to throughout the year. At least when it comes to personality, Josh McDaniels and Antonio Pierce land on two different sides of the spectrum. Changing from one side to another was sure to create some casualties, perhaps Adams’ 300-yard drop was one.

With Gardner Minshew II and Aiden O’Connell both on the roster, any number of outcomes are possible.

The Raiders could see the best of either quarterback this year. On the other hand, it could be another year of quarterback roulette. If the season becomes the second option, it allows plenty of opportunity for another “down” season for Adams.

That said, if Adams maintains around 1100 yards in 2024 and quarterback remains a question, it will be easy to point to the struggle to find a replacement for Derek Carr as the catalyst for Adams’ troubles.

Adams isn’t the only skill position player with questions in 2024. The star new addition Brock Bowers also provides reasons for hype and skepticism. The biggest reason for skepticism is the bar that was set for him as the Raiders’ potential consolation prize for missing out on a quarterback.

Heading into the NFL Draft, many believed that if a first-round quarterback prospect were to fall to the franchise, the Raiders would take him.

Instead, right after the Denver Broncos selected Bo Nix, the Las Vegas Raiders selected Bowers. Put simply, Bowers has a high bar to prove himself worthy over a quarterback.

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