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NFL Analyst Reveals Major Importance Of Week 9 For Bills

The Buffalo Bills have been one of the NFL’s most puzzling teams this season. They have looked absolutely dominant for stretches, like between Weeks 2 and 4 when they won three straight games and outscored their opponents by a score of 123-33.

But then, they have had moments where they have appeared very vulnerable, such as during their losses to the New York Jets and New England Patriots and when they were barely able to beat a depleted New York Giants squad.

The Bills are 5-3 heading into their Week 9 matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals in a rematch of last year’s Divisional Round of the playoffs, and Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports thinks that this game will tell a whole lot about where Buffalo stands for the rest of 2023.

Cowherd thinks a win would potentially establish the Bills as one of the two best AFC teams alongside the Kansas City Chiefs, much like most people anticipated would be the case going into the season.

However, Cowherd says that if Buffalo ends up losing to the Bengals, it’s a sign that the Bills have peaked and that they are regressing.

He goes as far to say that even in a victory, the Bills have to do so convincingly and can’t put together a win based on luck or circumstance.

Cowherd says that continually losing these big games could end up dooming a team in the long run, and he does have a point.

Buffalo has made the playoffs each of the last four years, getting in as a Wild Card during the 2019-20 campaign and then winning the AFC East three seasons in a row.

The Bills ended up going all the way to the AFC Championship Game in January 2021 before ultimately losing to the Kansas City Chiefs, but since then, they have failed to make it past the Divisional Round in spite of incredibly talented rosters.

This may very well be a must-win game for a Buffalo team that has been far too inconsistent in 2023.

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