NFL Analyst Rips Into Broncos QB Russell Wilson After Bad Loss

Russell Wilson, Broncos
NFL Analysis Network

The Denver Broncos have suffered some awful defeats through the first five weeks of the 2022 season. The latest came on Thursday Night Football against the Indianapolis Colts, as the Broncos lost an embarrassing game, 12-9.

It was a record-setting performance for ineptitude, as the Colts and Broncos each passed for 250+ yards without either team scoring a touchdown. Indianapolis, at least, can come away feeling good because they won the game. The same cannot be said about Denver.

At the beginning of the season, head coach Nathaniel Hackett drew a lot of ire from fans and analysts. But, in the last few games, it has become clear that there is something off with Russell Wilson right now.

He played an awful game, missing numerous reads that quarterbacks of his caliber should be capable of making in their sleep. Wilson has struggled mightily, which drew some harsh criticism of Hall of Fame tight end, Shannon Sharpe.

Sharpe played a large portion of his career with the Broncos and is a die-hard fan. During his show UNDISPUTED with Skip Bayless on Friday, he tore into Wilson for his performance in the game.

“Russ was awful, Seattle might’ve sold the Broncos a lemon. It’s not looking good. He’s not the same Russell Wilson from Seattle, he’s got to play better.”

Sharpe makes plenty of good points in the segment in what is a harsh, but honest and truthful, assessment of Wilson thus far this season. Had Wilson played at the level we are used to seeing him, the Broncos could easily have three or four wins.

Through five games, the trade between the Broncos and Seattle Seahawks is looking like a major victory for Seattle. Geno Smith, who is now the starting quarterback for the Seahawks, has been outproducing expectations and playing at a much higher level than Wilson has this season.

Both teams have two victories thus far, as the Seahawks won the head-to-head matchup in Week 1, and there is certainly a lot more optimism in Seattle than in Denver. There is a lot broken with the Broncos’ offense right now and some of the blame needs to start being directed at Wilson, who is not living up to expectations.