NFL coach shares major criticism about Vikings QB Kirk Cousins

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The Minnesota Vikings took a chance on Kirk Cousins and that has been a bet that has paid off significantly.

Since Cousins’ first season with the Vikings in 2018, he has completed 732-of-1,050 (69.7%) pass attempts resulting in 7,901 yards, 56 touchdowns, and 16 interceptions in 31 regular-season appearances. He has led Minnesota to a playoff win in each of two trips to the post-season.

According to Mike Sando of The Athletic, an NFL defensive coach made it clear he doesn’t view Cousins as a game-wrecking talent that is to be feared heading into an upcoming matchup.

“You don’t ever go into a game going, ‘Boy, I don’t know what we are going to do about this fu* Cousins,’” one said. “Doesn’t mean he’s a bad player. Legit starter, but needs some sh** around him.”

There have been some critical factors that have benefited Cousins during his time with the Vikings. He has flourished in Kevin Stefanski’s offensive system, who is now the head coach of the Cleveland Browns.

Being able to throw to standout wideouts such as Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs has certainly a benefit for Cousins, too. Additionally, the success of the Vikings’ running game with Dalvin Cook setting the tone has provided important layers to the offense as well.

The Vikings still have Thielen and Cook well in the mix heading into the 2020 season, but there is uncertainty beyond them. However, both Stefanski and Diggs are now elsewhere, and it will be fascinating to see how Cousins can perform with that being the case.

For the Minnesota Vikings to continue to contend for the NFC North title, Kirk Cousins will be needed to play at a high-level. He will now be able to prove more of his detractors wrong by thriving more relying on his individual talent, if successful, of course.

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  1. Kirk cousins has only made the playoffs once with the vikings. His first year with the team they finished 8-7-1 and missed the playoffs. This past season they finished 10-6 and beat the saints in the wild card and lost to the 49ers in the divisional round.

  2. Kirk HAS proven he can pass to ANY wideout. He really distributes the ball well and with Kubiack as OC, look out! A run 1st offence, 2 TE sets and play action plays to Kirks strengths. His long ball is way underrated too. Top 10 QB. He’s just getting started. Skol!

  3. Kirk cousin”s problem lies in the fact that he can’t maneuver to allow blockers to re-block defenders if you will.. Aaron Rodgers is the best at it..kirk”s pocket presents were stolen by the grinch…!!!🙂

  4. Kurt reminds me of Denny Green.
    For years Green was able to put amazing teams on the field. But fans didn’t like him because he didn’t win enough playoff games. So they got rid of him. When they did that the Vikings went into a tailspin for years. And Denny didn’t do especially well when he left the team and went to the Cardinals.

    Kurt Cousins did not do especially well with Washington. But he fits in well at Minnesota and despite the fact that when rushed he has made some horrible decisions, He’s fits in and plays at a high level with the Vikes. He is a good fit and unless Vikings had something amazing to replace him with like Aaron Rodgers I can’t see the team doing better with another quarterback.

  5. Honestly….only a few great quarterback in the league don’t need great players around them. Most of the great qbs of all time had hall of fame wide receivers and running backs. Cousins is not a hall of famer, but I hate this argument that he can only do it with great players around him. That describes 95% of all NFL qbs.

  6. The “human bowl of ranch dressing” lacks that deep seated confidence that says, “we ARE the best. We ARE going to the super bowl.” He’s so measured and careful, even when he’s rhythmically slinging the ball.
    Not that Kirk doesn’t make great, ballsy throws. He does. And I think that’s why he’s become such a polarizing player. The man plays with fear in his heart. Sometimes he sets it aside or pushes through it. But he’s always been more inclined to defer to the “sensible” field decision, instead of wholly believing that there’s a play to be made on every play. Maybe that’s what it comes down to: he plays it safe when the team needs authentic inspiration. Sometimes the safe plays win big games, but when good opponents show up to play, you need loose, off-script inspiration to elevate the team to play with their hearts. Look at his losses. Opponents came to play, Kirk’s team is listless.

    • That is crazy talk! He is one player out of 11. He is not responsible for the fire inside of the rest of the players at all. Kirk is doing his job very well, and he manages the ball which is very important and is what Zimmer wants him to do

  7. Anybody read this clowns story if a quarterback has nothing around him he will suck that is about the dumbest story written

  8. Im pretty good at saying what quarterbacks that wont ever win a superbow. so far i haven’t been wtong yet sad to say kirk cousin will never win a superbow i said the same thing about tony Romo Cutler Detroit’squarterback carson in philly he’ll never win one on his own dak in dallas mark my word they will never win a superbow they all have the tony Romo fourh quarter syndrome the only cure is warm water otherwise they freeze up

    • Well i don’t think the Vikings will be winning a superbowl, whether they had Cousins or Tom Brady. And last year superbowl was pathetically orchestrated. 49s weren’t even tackling ball carriers allowing them to get 1st downs and win. The league just ain’t what it used to be, now it’s big business, and big money, instead of pure competition


  10. It’s interesting how much blame everyone puts on a single player, rather than the 11 men it takes to execute a play. I think Kirk is playing very well, with what he has. The offensive line doesnt give him much support at all, and Diggs drama wasnt helping either. Also Diggs would consistently drop easy balls on third downs that would have been drive extending catches. Diggs would also cause all kinds of team breaking arguments that are going to be nice not to see anymore. The big issue with vikings last season was the fact that Theilen was out for nearly half the season.

  11. Kirk is now and always will be scary as hell when under pressure. He panics and makes rash decisions. He never thinks ahead to what he will do if the initial read isn’t there. And he knows he can’t run so he’s always too nervous. I’m sick of people making it excuses for him by blaming the rest of the team. When other qb’s get blamed for their weak play, excuses are made for Cousins. He is a decent Qb when he has great players and a successful game plan but far less then average when things aren’t perfect and his record in MN proves it. 8-7-1 and 10-6and getting damn near swept in the division.

  12. Find it funny that defense of coach was too much a coward to put his name on it!! And the way the media makes up stories I believe this is one of them. Kirk Cousins is one of the most accurate QBs in the NFL. He receives the most criticism then anybody else. Diggs drama is gone and Jefferson looks like a better options. With Rudolph, Theilen, Jefferson, Bisi, Irv Smith and Cook we are gonna have a pretty good offense

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