NFL Free Agency 2021: 5 way-too-early landing spots for Hunter Henry

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Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The curious, ultimately kind of upsetting case of Los Angeles Chargers tight end Hunter Henry

On the one hand, the Chargers’ tight end has it made. Henry’s talent, from the stat sheet to the film room, is easy to identify. It pops off the page and shouts from the screen. Henry’s trusted and leaned on heavily in the Los Angeles offense, and he turns that trust into gold with 17 touchdowns in 35 career starts.

But those 35 starts are where the problems start to come up for Henry. He’s great when he’s on the field, but with 35 starts in now four NFL seasons, questions about Henry’s longevity and injury history are fair to ask– and teams are bound to be asking when the 2021 offseason rolls around and Henry becomes a free agent. 

There are bound to be teams scared off by his unfortunate battle with injuries, but there’s sure to be more than a few teams intrigued by his potential, willing to give him a fair shot to prove he can put an injury-riddled past behind him.

Among those teams that may want to roll the dice on Henry when the time comes, here are the five most likely suitors for the Chargers’ tight end’s talents.