NFL Free Agency 2021: Predicting where each notable QB will sign

Mitchell Trubisky, Bears, Dak Prescott
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Mitchell Trubisky

With the Bears trading for Nick Foles and in this hypothetical scenario, signing Tyrod Taylor, it seems like the Mitchell Trubisky era is over in Chicago. While Trubisky never lived up to the expectations, there were glimpses of promise.

Perhaps if there wasn’t so much given up for him or if he wasn’t taken before an MVP and a Pro-Bowler, Trubisky would have been given more time to mature. However, the price of being a second overall pick is that you must live up to the fans’ expectations. Unfortunately, Trubisky has yet to do that.

Although his time in Chicago may be over, this may not be the end for Mitchell Trubisky. Trubisky does have a few options that are open to him. The first option is he take the Blake Bortles route and sign on as a backup. He would learn under a wise coach with no pressure and just absorb knowledge. Option B is that he signs to a team where he will get the chance to start immediately. Finally, the one he will likely take is option C, which is a mixture of both.

Signing with the Saints gives Trubisky the ability to sit and learn Sean Payton. Assuming Brees doesn’t retire, Trubisky could learn the offense and eventually grow into their future starter. Payton does a fantastic job of capitalizing on his quarterback’s talents.

Trubisky may not have been ready for a starting role. He didn’t play many games in college, and he was a very raw talent. With the Saints, he could possibly grow to be their starter if Brees continues playing, or he can compete for the starting job with Taysom Hill or additional outsiders.

Prediction: New Orleans Saints