NFL: How will each quarterback in the NFC North fare in 2020?

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By any metrics, the NFC North has been the playground of one Aaron Rodgers for over a decade. For much of that time, the rest of the division could not field a quarterback who even belonged on the same field. The Christian Ponder, Kyle Orton, and Matt Barkley-types of the world took these other offenses to some truly awful places.

However, as we breach the 2020 season in the shadow of the COVID pandemic, the signal callers of this division stand stronger than they have in quite some time (Mitchell Trubisky notwithstanding).

As Rodgers still stands as the bastion of consistency in the icy north of Green Bay, Minnesota fields their own brand of underappreciated talent in Kirk Cousins; likewise, Detroit heralds the return of Matthew Stafford from injury, a man with seven 4,000 yard seasons and, shockingly, only one Pro Bowl appearance.

For some, the offseason was about additions to skill position groups. Green Bay and Minnesota, in particular, have dealt with several spots of turnover at key positions. Detroit returns a stronger set of targets than in previous years, but Chicago finds itself embroiled in a true quarterback controversy. As such, gauging the success of Bears quarterbacks may come with a few caveats this season.

As training camp begins and our first look at these quarterbacks begins to coalesce, let’s take a look at the prospects for each quarterback in the NFC North for the 2020 NFL season.