NFL Insider Drops Bombshell Report On Dallas Cowboys, Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins
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The Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott have remained at a standstill in contract negotiations, which has led many to wonder if the two sides will strike a long-term deal before the 2024 campaign begins.

However, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler has some good news for Cowboys fans (well, the ones who want to retain Prescott, anyway): Dallas absolutely wants to keep Prescott for the long haul.

Fowler notes that the Cowboys do not want Prescott to hit free agency next offseason but that their strategy in attempting to re-sign him thus far can be described as “passive.”

Dallas owner Jerry Jones has made it publicly clear all along that he does want to keep Prescott and absolutely views him as the franchise’s quarterback of the future, so this report does not come as too much of a surprise.

It could be a matter of the Cowboys wanting Prescott, but not wanting to pay him his current asking price.

What Is Dak Prescott Actually Worth?

Rumors has it that Prescott is angling for a deal that will pay him in the neighborhood of $60 million annually, which is apparently a very steep price for Dallas.

Currently, Cincinnati Bengals star Joe Burrow is the highest-paid player in football, and he is making $55 million per year.

The Cowboys certainly don’t seem eager to give Prescott more money than Burrow, which is entirely understandable and is why some have speculated that Dallas may actually allow the 30-year-old to test free agency next March.

Prescott recently stated that he doesn’t play the game for money, but that seems like a pretty empty platitude given the fact that he definitely isn’t going to re-sign for the veteran’s minimum.

Let’s remember that Prescott and the Cowboys did have a contract dispute several years ago, and it resulted in Dallas handing the signal-caller a four-year, $160 million deal.

So, let’s cut the nonsense, Dak: money is unquestionably a significant part of the equation, and if it weren’t, this current standoff would not be occurring.

Prescott led the NFL with 36 passing touchdowns last season, finishing second in MVP voting. He has been the Cowboys’ starting quarterback since 2016, making three Pro Bowl appearances and leading Dallas to four NFC East division titles. Prescott is just 2-5 in the playoffs during that span.

We’ll see if there is any movement between Dallas and Dak Prescott in the coming weeks.

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