NFL Insider Issues Bombshell Report On Packers, Jordan Love

Jordan Love, Packers
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The NFL offseason has been good to the Green Bay Packers, as they made a couple of big-time moves in free agency and they also had an impressive 2024 NFL Draft. One of the biggest storylines that still surrounds the team has to do with the future of new franchise quarterback Jordan Love.

Following the Detroit Lions’ big move to extend Jared Goff, things have gotten even more interesting with the Love situation.

Some thought that the Packers would try to move quickly to lock up Love to a long-term extension this offseason. Others felt that they should wait to see if Love can pick up where he left off in 2023 to begin the 2024 season. Green Bay may be having their hand forced to make a move quicker than they’d like.

NFL Insider Drops Bombshell Report On Packers, Jordan Love

ESPN insider Adam Schefter recently spoke out about the situation following the Goff extension. He shared some concerning news for the Packers regarding their new deal with their young quarterback.

“I think his number would go above it, and that is if a deal gets done. The longer the Packers wait, the more difficult it will be for them and the better it will be for Jordan Love. That’s my own opinion. I would come to Jordan Love with a strong cash offer, a lot of guaranteed money, it’s easy for me to say. The average, let’s say, $51 million, $52 million. Do you think that number is going down any after Jared Goff’s average comes into $53 million? I’m gonna have to see the structure, but I guess he’s not gonna take less than Jared Goff. Now, there are potential deals there for Trevor Lawrence, maybe Matthew Stafford, Tua Tagovailoa if that deal gets done, Dak Prescott is still out there. The numbers on these deals don’t go down, they just don’t.”

Schefter makes a very good point. The Packers may be forced to move quickly to avoid the contract numbers for Love going up even further with future contract extensions that quarterbacks around the NFL are expected to get.

Looking at the situation, the Packers are in a tough position. There is no doubt that Love’s 2023 production was worthy of a big pay day. However, he has only started one NFL season, which is not a big enough sample size usually to pay out the kind of money it will take to keep Love long-term.

Do they jump the gun and risk regression from Love? If that were to happen, they would be tied to him long-term with big money. On the other hand, if they wait, and Love has an even bigger 2024 campaign, the price tag would be driven up even higher.

Brian Gutekunst has some tough decisions to make. It seems likely that Green Bay will try to get a new deal done with Jordan Love in the near future. But, that doesn’t come without some major risks.

It will be interesting to see what the Packers end up choosing to do. Should they wait, they run the risk of their new deal with Love skyrocketing. The ball is now in the front office’s court.

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