NFL Insider Names Chris Godwin ‘Perfect’ Free Agency Target For Patriots

Chris Godwin, Patriots
NFL Analysis Network

The New England Patriots put together quite a good season in 2021. Led by rookie quarterback Mac Jones, they ended up getting into the postseason and the outlook for the future is bright. Heading into the offseason, the Patriots will look to improve around Jones and targeting a star wideout like Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ impending free agent Chris Godwin could be exactly the move they need.

Godwin will be coming off of a torn ACL that he suffered this season, but will still be a hot commodity. He has become a true No. 1 caliber wide receiver over the last couple of years. Finding a top receiver for Jones is high on the Patriots’ to-do list this offseason.

NFL insider Jeremy Fowler noted that Godwin would be a “perfect” free agency target for the Patriots. Here is what he had to say about the possibility.

Free-agent wideout Chris Godwin would be perfect for New England’s offense if the team is comfortable with his medical evaluation, coming off a torn ACL.

In the 14 games he played with the Buccaneers this season before the injury, Godwin caught 98 passes for 1,103 yards and five touchdowns. He produced those numbers despite other weapons like Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, and Rob Gronkowski being on the roster. Godwin is without a doubt a star in the NFL.

At 25 years of age, there should not be a ton of concern about Godwin’s future. Yes, torn ACL’s are serious, but today’s medicine has made recovery a fairly sure thing. Godwin should be back to 100 percent in the near future and the injury should not scare the Patriots away from pursuing him.

Looking at the current construction of the Patriots’ roster, they should be a serious contender once again next season. With a full offseason of hard work and development from Jones, New England should be even better. Adding a weapon like Chris Godwin would make their offense much more dangerous as well.

Expect to see Bill Belichick and company head into the offseason with an aggressive approach. They aren’t far away from being Super Bowl contenders once again. Signing Godwin could be a huge step towards that ultimate goal.