NFL: One sneaky addition each team in the NFC West should consider

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Arizona Cardinals: Mike Daniels

The Arizona Cardinals had a rough season to say the least last year. The Cardinals finished in last place in the NFC West with a record of 5-10-1, but after this off-season, there may be a shift in the quality of play coming out of Arizona.

To kick off the off-season, the Cardinals managed to pull off one of the most lopsided trades in NFL history. Somehow, the Cardinals managed to trade an injured, and overpaid David Johnson, with a 2nd rounder and 4th rounder to the Houston Texans, and in return received a 4th round pick, and one of the best receivers in the entire NFL in Deandre Hopkins.

Not only did Arizona get this trade, but they also killed the draft. With Arizona’s first pick in the draft they selected Isiah Simmons, a player who addressed a need for the Cardinals, and who also brings great value to the team due to his incredible coverage ability and talent overall. The Cardinals also managed to snag offensive tackle Josh Jones in the 3rd round, a player who many draft analysts thought should have been drafted much earlier.

While the Cardinals had one of the best off-seasons you could ask for, could still use some help along the defensive line.

For his first few years in the NFL, Mike Daniels was certainly not a household name, even in his peak years in the NFL he wasn’t a household name because of how he played. Daniels played along the Packers defensive line and played great while in Green Bay, but for the most part, he never quite got the attention he deserved because of his production numbers.

While playing for the Packers, Daniels never reached double-digit sacks, never had a high tackles total, never had a high tackle for loss total, but that does not take away from his incredible play. Daniels was similar to the aforementioned Damon Harrison, in that neither racked up incredible production numbers, but they both still managed to dominate offenses.

Daniels played very well while in the Packers 3-4 base defense, and while his prime is likely behind him, he can still be a great pick up for the Cardinals