NFL: Ranking the situations veteran QBs on new teams face in 2020

Cam Newton, Patriots, NFL
Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

There is typically plenty of roster turnover in the NFL and the quarterback position was no exception this offseason. Whether it was a high-profile change like Tom Brady going to the Buccaneers or Marcus Mariota signing with the Raiders, there is plenty of intriguing QB situations.

The NFL is the ultimate’ what have you done for me lately’ league and with the importance of the quarterback position, it doesn’t take long for teams to make changes. The upcoming season will feature a blend of quarterbacks with something to prove in a new uniform while some established talents aim to contend for a Super Bowl.

The 2019 season featured some intriguing cases where quarterbacks changed teams. Perhaps the most fascinating of all was Ryan Tannehill supplanting Mariota as the starter and ultimately landing a substantial multi-year contract after an appearance in AFC Championship Game.

Not all changes lead to results as in the case of the Denver Broncos with Joe Flacco. He struggled mightily and fast forward to today, they are committed to Drew Lock as their full-time starter ahead of his second season of NFL experience. It remains to be seen how all of these situations will play out but they will be fascinating to monitor, nevertheless.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the situations quarterbacks on new teams face in 2020.