NFL Retired Superstar QB Nearly Made Shocking Comeback

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Remember when there were rumors that Drew Brees might come out of retirement during the 2021 NFL season to try and save the New Orleans Saints season?

It turns out those rumors were true, and Brees seriously considered coming back. 

Brees retired from the NFL after the 2020 season, but he was tempted to come back midway through the following season.

Jameis Winston started the 2021 campaign as the starting quarterback, but after just seven games, he suffered a torn ACL and MCL. The Saints believed they had a very talented team so they were trying to pull out all the tops, including asking Brees if he would consider coming back. 

According to Brees, the temptation was there to play another year in New Orleans. 

“Very,” Brees answered when asked about his past interest in a comeback attempt, via Nick Underhill. “I’ll just leave it at that.”

The major concern for Brees was how his surgically repaired throwing shoulder would be able to respond to playing in the NFL again. Brees knew it would have been a challenge, but he was ready to do whatever he needed to try and help the team win, even if that meant going back to his high school playbook. 

“At the end of the day, it’s like, how capable … am I to do the job, right?” Brees asked reporters, via ESPN’s Katherine Terrell. “I would’ve run QB draws, I would’ve done whatever. I would’ve done some veer option. We would’ve pulled out all the stops. I was ready. Pull out the high school playbook.”

Brees ultimately decided not to come back, but there always has to be the question about what could have been if it wasn’t for his surgically repaired shoulder.

The Saints still finished the 2021 season with a 9-8 record, but they failed to reach the playoffs. Week 9-13 really did them in as they ended up losing five games in a row. Trevor Sieman was the main quarterback to fill in and threw for 1,154 yards, 11 touchdowns, and three interceptions. 

If Brees had been healthy, there is little doubt that he could have been better. Brees ended up staying retired and working with NBC for one year before he was let go. Brees did lead the Saints to the promised land, winning it all in 2009.

With the Super Bowl championship, he cemented himself as one of the best players in team history. 

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