Former NFL GM Thinks Giants Should Trade For Russell Wilson

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After a disappointing 2021 NFL season, it appears as though the upcoming events of the offseason could bring a great deal of change for the Seattle Seahawks, and perhaps for Russell Wilson, too.

There has been speculation regarding whether Wilson has played his final game as a member of the Seahawks. Recently, there has been reporting about the Seattle having ‘no intention’ of trading Wilson and he remains intent and focused on contending for a Super Bowl victory. It will be fascinating to see how the situation unfolds.

One team that could be an intriguing potential trade suitor for Wilson is the New York Giants, according to former New York Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum. He explained during a Friday appearance on ESPN’s “Get Up!” why the Giants making a trade for Wilson would make sense for both sides.

The Giants would receive a ‘transformational event’ by trading for Wilson, as Tannebaum put it. He likened the idea to when he traded for Brett Favre when serving as the Jets GM. He even sees some similarities to how the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have benefitted from acquiring Tom Brady.

“It’s a transformational event. The day he walks in that building, the groundskeeper is better, the donuts taste better, and when we traded for Brett Favre with the Jets, it changed everything overnight. And I’m telling you, when you think about Tom Brady, not only was he great on the field, but he was great off the field in terms of this aura of association. It becomes a force multiplier and it changes the New York Giants instantly.

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Tannebaum also mentioned how Wilson winning at a high-level in New York City would be doing it on ‘the biggest stage in the world’ and could follow in a similar path as NYC sports legends like Eli Manning, Derek Jeter, and Phil Simms. All the while, the NFL receives a great story.

“And if you ask Eli Manning, Derek Jeter, Phil Simms, when you win in New York, you walk forever. It’s the biggest stage in the world. I think that suits Russell and his wife. And I think it would make a great story for the NFL and New York if Russell Wilson went to the Giants.”

It wouldn’t be cheap for the New York Giants to pull off a trade with the Seattle Seahawks to land Russell Wilson. However, there’s value in not having to wait for a quarterback like Daniel Jones to make strides in his development. The focus immediately shifts to contention.

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Other teams such as the Carolina Panthers, Denver Broncos, New Orleans Saints, and perhaps the Jets among other potential landing spots. The Giants would need to be genuinely ready to contend and given they are coming off a horrendous 4-13 season and are searching for a new head coach and general manager, there would need to be a lot of things lined up to make that case.

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