Oakland Raiders: 5 Best-Case Trade Scenarios for Khalil Mack

Oakland Raiders, Khalil Mack
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There is no sign of a contract extension for Khalil Mack. Talks remain at a stalemate, and neither side is budging. It’s become so out of hand that the Pro Bowl pass rusher won’t play during the regular season if a deal isn’t made.

The Raiders are unlikely to renew Mack’s contract with their salary cap space ranking as the seventh-lowest in the league. Plus, with the Buffalo product looking for a max deal, it’s coming to the point where trading the 27-year-old seems more likely than ever.

As ridiculous as it would be to trade away the 2016 Defensive Player of the Year. Especially with his high asking price. However, there is always a team in need of a premium pass rusher like Mack.

Enough teams are vying after Mack’s services that are causing the Raiders to leave the door open for this to happen. The asking price is already high enough according to former Eagles and Browns CEO Joe Banner.

“I think the range is a 1, 3 and 7 on the low end to two 1s on the high end. A lot also depends on how high the 1 is. Maybe it’s a 1 and 2 if it’s fairly high, or two 1s if it’s lower.

Maybe a team would be smart to include a 1 with a quality player. Or a 1, a middle pick and a quality player. He (Mack) is as good or better than any of the players we have seen involved in these kind of trades.”

There are already four teams rumored to be interested in the Raiders defensive end, but there are some trade partners that Oakland needs to consider seriously.

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  1. 1- Khalil Mack is NOT AVAILABLE FOR TRADE. The Raiders have him under contract for three years at a reasonable price.
    2- IF Mack was available, two #1’s would be the OPENING BID.

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