One position battle to watch for each team in the NFC North in 2020

Mitchell Trubisky, Bears
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears – Quarterback

The most obvious all the NFC North’s position battles is the Quarterback battle going on in Chicago. Quarterback battles are always very fun to watch in the NFL. Chicago Bears fans have grown tired of Mitcellh Trubisky’s inconsistency.

Chicago made a surprising change and traded for Nick Foles to push Trubisky and bring in some competition. Foles lost his job in Jacksonville to Gardner Minshew, a player who seemingly came out of nowhere and performed very well.

The Bears have a very talented roster, perhaps the most talented in the division. The Bears defense is still very scary, and is good enough to win some games. However, after a very poor season Chicago decided they may need to make some changes.

Enter Nick Foles, who got hurt early on in Jacksonville and never was really able to find his footing. He lost his starting job to Gardner Minshew after really only two games. Given the right situation, Foles could still be a starting caliber quarterback.

Trubisky has a major edge on Foles when it comes to athleticism. Foles is at his best when running an RPO, something Chicago has toyed with. When it comes to accuracy Foles has the advantage, but at times he too struggles with consistency.

Trubisky needs to improve, but it seems he is the starting quarterback to begin the preseason. However, Nick Foles is at his best when the pressure is off of him as a backup. This quarterback battle will surely be something to keep an eye on.