Packers: 3 things to watch for with Aaron Rodgers in training camp

Allen Lazard, Packers
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How confident are the Packers in Allen Lazard?

The Packers had somewhat of a double whammy hit them this offseason. After electing against drafting from the deep receiving crop, they had signee Devin Funchess compound that by opting out of the season for safety precautions. For that reason, the internal search for a reliable receiver opposite Davante Adams became perhaps the biggest secondary storyline of the season.

If the early returns from training camp have offered any indication, the Packers may have found that in Allen Lazard–an undrafted 6-foot-5 specimen who had a decent season a year ago. He came on strong during the midway and late in the season.

Over the last five games, he caught 16 passes for 250 yards. Over a 16-game sample size equates to 51 catches for 800 yards and six touchdowns. We have to remember: the Packers don’t need a gamebreaker. They don’t need a two-man wide receiving corp a la Greg Jennings and Donald Driver. They just need someone who complements Adams. At one point in Week 1, the Bears ran triple coverage on Adams. That can’t happen. 

Lazard figured to be the de facto No. 2 receiver, given the fact that he caught the second most passes on the Packers last season. But the rapport that Aaron Rodgers and Allen Lazard have created already is reassuring. During Green Bay’s Aug. 30 practice, Rodgers’ lone touchdown went to Lazard.

And, Rodgers and head coach Matt LaFleur have spoken positively of his mindset and work ethic. Rodgers’ days as an All-Pro are probably done. But it certainly helps his chances of remaining elite if he has a reliable “Robin” in his wideout.

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  1. Great article.. I love it when people continually overlook the obvious and sleep on the Packers. We may not have the same record but we will surely be a better team. #WeRunTheNorth #GoPackGo #BeansAndCheese

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