Packers: 3 things to watch for with Aaron Rodgers in training camp

Lane Taylor, Packers
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How does the offensive line situation play out?

Fundamentally speaking, a quarterback is only as good as the offensive line protecting him. There’s been a raging dialogue in regards to just how reliable Aaron Rodgers’ guys are. But, the pro-Rodgers supporters aren’t likely to win that argument. Rodgers still holds on to the ball like no other quarterback, a competitive trait that forces him to rarely give up on a play. But the line ranked No. 1 in 2019, providing him an average of 2.62 seconds before pressure.

The Packers have done well in swapping out capable linemen for Aaron Rodgers. Their big offseason signing, Rick Wagner, struggled a bit in 2019. He returned to practice on Friday but could struggle to overcome Billy Turner’s momentum. And per’s Bill Demovsky, Lane Taylor went undefeated in blocking reps against the defensive line.

Turner’s ability to play multiple positions means a lot going forward, as he gives the Packers the type of player capable of stepping up in the event of an untimely injury. In Miami and Denver, he swapped between tackle and guard.

The one aspect that works in Rodgers’ favor is that much of his projected offensive line is in a contract year. Depending on where you stand in the “contract year phenomenon,” they should be poised to play well and earn their next big deal. The Packers again figure to own a top-tier offensive line. And if they’re able to improve upon a strong 2019 campaign, it could rescale the limit on what Aaron Rodgers is capable of in 2020.

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  1. Great article.. I love it when people continually overlook the obvious and sleep on the Packers. We may not have the same record but we will surely be a better team. #WeRunTheNorth #GoPackGo #BeansAndCheese

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