Packers add protection for Aaron Rodgers in new mock draft

The Green Bay Packers are heading into the NFL offseason with a few needs in order to make the leap into the Super Bowl. After putting together a 13-3 regular season record and making it all the way to the NFC Championship Game, the sky is the limit for this team under head coach Matt LaFleur.

Aaron Rodgers received quite a bit of criticism throughout the 2019 season. Some believe he is no longer an elite quarterback, while others still view him as elite but not the guy who can power his team to a Super Bowl title.

Despite the criticism that Rodgers received, the Packers are going to do everything they can to build around him. They need to add some wide receiver talent, but they also need to protect him at all costs.

CBS Sports knows that and they have USC offensive lineman Austin Jackson heading to Green Bay with the No. 30 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft in their latest mock draft.

Bryan Bulaga is a free agent this offseason so the Packers may reasonably need a replacement. Jackson is a really athletic tackle prospect with room to grow. He donated bone marrow to his younger sister in July to treat Diamond-Blackfan anemia so there had been a lot weighing on his mind and body in 2019.

Fans aren’t going to view this option as the “sexy” pick, but it would make a lot of sense. The Packers have had a ton of injury issues on their offensive line over the past few years. They also have some offensive linemen getting older or potentially leaving town.

Jackson stands in at 6-foot-6 and 310 pounds, which would give Green Bay another intimidating presence on the line. Against teams like the San Francisco 49ers, who wrecked the Packers’ offensive line, Jackson could help out in a big way. Brian Gutekunst will need to to draft the best talent he possibly can at No. 30, regardless of what position that talent plays.

It will be interesting to see what the Packers end up doing at No. 30. Jackson is a big-time talent on the line and he is a great person as well. No one in Green Bay should be upset if Jackson ends up being the pick.

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