Packers CEO Speaks Out About Jordan Love’s Future With Team

Jordan Love, Packers
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The Green Bay Packers came into the 2022 offseason with a lot of uncertainty at the quarterback position. There was a chance that Aaron Rodgers would ask to be traded or retire from the NFL, leaving a huge void at the position.

This was a situation that the Packers knew would eventually come. That is why they used a first-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft on Utah State quarterback, Jordan Love. Love was expected to be the heir apparent to Rodgers, but No. 12 had different plans.

Since Love was selected, Rodgers has won the MVP award twice. Whatever plan that Green Bay had needed to be adjusted accordingly and this offseason that occurred. Rodgers and the team worked out a historic extension, which should keep him in green and gold for the duration of his career.

So, what do they do with Love? He was talented enough to be selected in the first round, but even the Packers are unsure of how good he is right now. He has appeared in six games, making one start on the road against the Kansas City Chiefs in 2021 that didn’t go well. That is a very small sample size to judge anyone.

Packers CEO Mark Murphy recently spoke about Love’s future with the team.

“I think this preseason is important for him,” Packers CEO Mark Murphy said in an interview with Tom Grossi of Packast. “We think he can be a good player, but we haven’t really seen enough. So I think this preseason will be good for him.

“He’s a talented player. I know the decision to draft him has been questioned by a number of people, but it’s such an important position in our league that investing future assets at the position. . . . They said the same thing when we drafted Aaron.”

For now, it sounds like Love will assume his role as the backup quarterback in Green Bay. There is no guarantee of what will happen beyond this season, so there is still a chance Rodgers retires and Love is thrust into the starter’s role next season.

If Rodgers continues his career, there will likely be teams willing to make a trade for Love and see what he has. The New York Jets received three draft picks from the Carolina Panthers in exchange for Sam Darnold, who struggled mightily during his tenure there. 

At this point, no one knows if Love is any better or worse than Darnold. But, if the Jets received that package for him, the Packers should be able to do pretty well if they do ultimately decide to move on from Love in the near future.