Packers’ HC Matt LaFleur Gives Update On Aaron Rodgers’ Status

Aaron Rodgers, Matt LaFleur, Packers
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The Green Bay Packers are beginning OTAs this week and are expecting a solid turnout from the roster. However, one prominent player that won’t be in attendance is starting quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

These practices are voluntary, so it isn’t too much of a surprise that Rodgers will not be attending. At least the Packers know he will be there when it matters this year, unlike the last few seasons when Rodgers contemplated leaving the only organization he has known as a pro.

Despite not being present, Rodgers is still up to date on what is going on with the team. He has been in contact with head coach Matt LaFleur and the two have had some lengthy conversations to help the two-time defending MVP stay in the loop.

LaFleur provided an update on the situation with Rodgers during his press conference on Tuesday, providing some insight into how things are going.

“I talked to him last night for a while, which was great just to kind of update him on just where we are and go over a few — like we do every offseason, there’s always tweaks to what you’re doing,” LaFleur said in his Tuesday press conference. “But he’s in great spirits and it was a great conversation. But I wouldn’t anticipate seeing him, at least this week.”

Right now, LaFleur isn’t sure when Rodgers will be attending camp. After all, it is voluntary and the teams cannot make players go. At this point, the Packers would probably prefer that he doesn’t show up; look how things have gone the last two seasons following Rodgers not being present for offseason workouts.

Entering his 18th season in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers doesn’t need reps at this point of the NFL schedule, as quarterback coach Tom Clements shared. This is a good time for younger players to get reps, as Rodgers knows the system that LaFleur is running like the back of his hand, entering Year 4 of this partnership.