Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Fires Huge Shot At NFC North

Aaron Rodgers, Packers
NFL Analysis Network

The Green Bay Packers are going to begin their defense of the NFC North crown in Week 1 against one of their division rivals in the Minnesota Vikings. If any team has a chance of knocking off the Packers this season it is the Vikings as the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions are in the early parts of a rebuild.

Minnesota has a great chance to set the tone for their season by hosting Green Bay in the first week. This has been a division that Green Bay has dominated for years, winning it in eight of the last 11 seasons. During that time, the Vikings won the crown twice.

Aaron Rodgers has been the starter during that time, wreaking havoc on his divisional opponents on a yearly basis. During a recent press conference, he couldn’t resist from letting them know that he has been dominating them during that time.

“You know we’ve played in some tough environments. This will be another one, a good test. Like all of the other teams in the NFC North it seems like every single year, I think their fan base and their teams feel like this is our year to win the north; hasn’t really been the case during my time for the most part.”

That is certainly a huge shot that Rodgers is taking at his NFC North opponents and he isn’t wrong. Rodgers has been dominant against virtually every team in his career, going 56-21 against the Bears, Lions and Vikings in his career.

The Vikings have given him the most trouble, as he is only 16-10 in his career against them while going 22-5 against the Bears and 18-6 against the Lions. It would not be shocking if he added a few more wins to those dockets this upcoming season as the Packers are once again looking like one of the best teams in the NFL.