Packers’ Quay Walker Speaks Out About Boneheaded Ejection

Quay Walker, Packers
NFL Analysis Network

Sometimes professional athletes get caught up in the moment and emotions take over. It is natural, but Green Bay Packers linebacker Quay Walker allowed his emotions to get the best of him at the worst time.

With 7:55 remaining in the game and the Detroit Lions driving, running back De’Andre Swift was tackled by De’Vondre Campbell and hit in the head with a forearm by Jarran Reed. That led to the medical staff coming out to check on him, which isn’t out of the ordinary. But, what ensued next, is certainly not something you see every day.

One of the trainers was attempting to get to Swift, but Walker was in the way. The trainer moved Walker so that he could get to Swift, to which Walker responded with a thoughtless act of two-hand shoving the trainer. Given what happened less than a week ago, when Buffalo Bills’ safety Damar Hamlin likely had his life saved after a cardiac arrest on the field by the quick response of the training staff, Walker’s response is even more egregious.

That decision was costly for the Packers. Quay Walker was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct, giving the Lions a first down and putting them at the four-yard line. He was also ejected for his actions, leaving Green Bay without a key piece of their defense for the remainder of the game.

Three players later, Detroit pounded the ball into the end zone behind Jamaal Williams, who scored his second touchdown of the game to break Barry Sanders’ franchise record with 17 rushing touchdowns on the season. Walker had to watch that from the locker room, potentially costing his team a playoff spot in the process. On Monday, Walker issued an apology on Twitter for the incident.

“I want to apologize publicly about what happened Sunday night,” Walker wrote on Twitter. “I reacted off of my emotions again and take full responsibility of making another stupid decision. Since then I’ve questioned myself on why did I do what I did when the trainer was doing his job!! I was wrong!! I understand I have to face everything that comes with the decision I’ve made and I’m definitely paying for it now. Also to explain my frustration in the tunnel. I wasn’t upset about being kicked out, I just knew I messed up again and was wrong for what I did and couldn’t believe I did it again. To the Detroit lions and to the entire training staff including the person I did that too. I’m sorry.”

Packers head coach Matt LaFleur called the action unacceptable. This isn’t the first time this season that Quay Walker had a run-in with someone not in uniform for the other team. In Week 8 against the Buffalo Bills, Walker shoved a practice squad player not in uniform on the sidelines and was ejected for that as well.

Discipline from the league should be handed down soon. As a multi-time offender, Walker will likely face a more severe penalty and rightfully so. It should not go without mention that defensive tackle Devonte Wyatt also bumped the same trainer with his shoulder in a tough guy act after Walker pushed him and he should face some sort of discipline as well.