Green Bay Packers: Studs and Duds from the First Preseason Game

Football is back folks. It really is. I was overcome by a sense of bliss as I over saturated myself with football last night. I found myself flipping from channel to channel, absorbing every second that I possibly could.

It is difficult to not allow yourself to be overcome with excitement. This applies to the players on the field as well.  Some guys are not affected playing under the big bright lights. Some guys let their nerves get the best of them.

It is the first preseason game so it’s important to not draw conclusions. However, what we can do is begin to assess. We can begin to assess the levels of talents, scheme fits, and roster fits. That is what this article is today.

For most of the position groups, there were guys who stood out and those who fell flat on their faces. Moving forward, the names I list as either a “stud” or a “dud” are ones that I am going to keep an eye moving forward. There are a handful of guys who fall under either category, but I am only going to present five of each.

Without further ado, let’s begin looking at the “studs” and “duds” from the Packers first preseason game.

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