Panthers: 3 reasons Carolina should run it back one more time with Cam Newton

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Having Essentially the Entire Season off May be a Blessing in Disguise

Carolina fans have every right to be cautious about Newton’s health moving forward. He’s had numerous health issues over the past few seasons and his style of play lends itself to getting banged up.

But, this extended period of time off may end up helping Newton in the long run. Having such a long time off will help ensure that Cam is 100% healthy heading into next season.

While his reckless running style will likely never go away, the emergence of Christian McCaffrey as an elite runner will take some of the load off Newton’s shoulders. Throughout most of his career, Cam was essentially the starting quarterback and starting running back for his team, with his number getting called on almost every short yardage situation.

The long layoff coupled with McCaffrey’s increased workload should bode well for Newton’s health in the foreseeable future.