Panthers: 3 reasons Carolina should run it back one more time with Cam Newton

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If Cam Leaves, who’s Going to Replace him?

In all honesty, did Kyle Allen inspire any kind of confidence that he can be a franchise quarterback this past season? The second-year QB, who some believe was drafted to replace Newton one day, threw 17 touchdowns to 16 interceptions and had a pedestrian 62 completion percentage.

Those aren’t franchise QB numbers by any measure. Maybe Rhule and Brady could help in the young quarterback’s development, but why would they chose a limited athlete like Allen when they have a freak of nature in Newton to work with?

The Panthers do have the seventh overall pick in the draft, though, so they could go the route of drafting and molding one of this year’s best prospects. But, no rookie QB is a sure thing, and Newton has a track record of success in the NFL.

The bottom line here is, Newton gives the Panthers the best chance to win in 2020. The team’s front office would be foolish to move on from him now.