Patriots: 3 worst-case scenarios for New England in 2020

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Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

There is a new word surrounding Foxborough and the New England Patriots coming into the 2020 season. A word that’s been foreign to their vocabulary for about 20 years. That word is uncertainty.

There are a ton of questions surrounding this team going into 2020. Dynasty’s rise and fall in the NFL at the snap of a finger. The end of the Patriots’ dynasty was something everyone knew would eventually end, however, in the back of our minds we questioned just how far could this team go without Tom Brady leading the offense.

This is the year those questions will be answered. While there is uncertainty for New England, hope for the Patriots is not lost. However, there are many ways that things that could go wrong for New England this season.

Here are the three worst case scenarios for the New England Patriots in 2020.