Patriots: 3 worst-case scenarios for New England in 2020

Bill Belichick, New England Patriots
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports
Everything Falls Apart

If Stidham plays poorly and New England has a poor record because of him, it is fixable. They can draft someone else next season. There are veteran options that can serve as a bridge to the future.

However, what would happen if Tom Brady truly was the glue that held this team together? What if the Patriots completely fall apart? As unlikely as it may be, this is a true doomsday scenario for the Patriots.

Drafting a QB like Trevor Lawrence may solve some problems, but is he the surefire All-Pro that teams are making him out to be? Is he good enough to take a bad team to the Super Bowl? Do the Patriots decide to fill in other needs?

More often than not great college QB’s can land on poor teams and it just leaves the franchise in a state limbo. Maybe they make a solid playoff push once every five seasons or so, but the consistency is lacking. Look at Matthew Stafford and Jameis Winston for example.

New England is hoping that they don’t end up in a situation like that.