Perfect fits for Washington QB Jacob Eason in the 2020 NFL Draft

Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

After the Buccaneers, another team that could make the most of Jacob Eason is the New England Patriots.

Eason would likely get thrust into the fire in New England sooner than in Tampa. The Patriots do not have a defined starting quarterback yet, and if the pick was made the expectation would be that Eason would start within the first two years.

Eason would benefit from several years as a backup first, but Bill Belichick would be the coach to make the most of this addition early on. Belichick has done far more with far less in the past.

New England would also benefit from this move because finding their new franchise quarterback in the third round would save them some draft capital. The Patriots could use their first and second-round picks to provide Eason with some offensive weapons down the road.