Perfect free agency destinations for Jadeveon Clowney

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

1. Seattle Seahawks

Finally, and most obviously, Jadeveon Clowney simply returning to the Seattle Seahawks makes the most sense. He had a lot of success in Seattle and has been very open about wanting to return. Seattle could easily come up with the money needed to make a long-term deal with Clowney feasible.

Clowney and the Seahawks are a match made in heaven. He is a hard-nosed, dirty work kind of player. Seattle can’t afford to let them go if they want to maintain their top-notch defense.

Seattle has made moves to bolster their defense this offseason, including the acquisition of cornerback Quinton Dunbar. Letting Clowney walk would be a huge mistake and would be multiple steps back. Clowney re-signing with the Seahawks is the most likely and most perfect move he could make.