Philadelphia Eagles: 3 Keys To Victory Against Buccaneers In Week 2

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Stop Giving So Much Cushion To The Receivers

The Eagles do not have a Darrelle Revis or Patrick Peterson type corner so they will need to disguise some of their packages against the top receivers in the game. But this is something I noticed against the Atlanta Falcons during their playoff game last season. The cornerbacks are giving way too much cushion to receivers like Julio Jones in hopes he won’t get behind them. However, it’s still costing them in the process.

With the way Ryan Fitzpatrick made fools of the Saints’ defense last Sunday, the Eagles would be wise to have their corners jam DeSean Jackson and Mike Evans at the line of scrimmage in hopes of breaking them off their stride. If they do happen to get past them then bring help from the safeties.

The Eagles surrendered 251 yards through the air but no touchdowns. That may seem like a win against Matt Ryan and Jones, but the Buccaneers pose a different threat with Jackson and Evans. Evans torched the Saints for 147 yards and one touchdown while Jackson managed 146 yards and two touchdowns with just 12 catches between them. The Eagles cannot let this happen or it will be a long day for the defense.

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