Philadelphia Eagles Named Suitor For Former Cowboys’ Starter

Connor Williams
Billy Hardiman-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys comprise one of the fiercest rivalries in the NFL. Now, the Eagles have an opportunity to stick it to the Cowboys by adding one of their former players as a free agent.

Bryan DeArdo of CBS Sports has named former Cowboys center Connor Williams as a suitable replacement for Jason Kelce. Here’s how he put it:

“This is a no-brainer. Jason Kelce, one of the greatest centers in NFL history, retired [this] offseason. And while Cam Jurgens might end up being a suitable replacement, the Eagles should still pursue Williams, a proven veteran who would at the very least provide competition for the Eagles’ starting center job.”

Williams, only 27, earned an 86.5 PFF grade last season, per Pro Football Focus. Not only is he a free agent on the best side of 30, but he also is trending up. Williams earned a 76.1 PFF grade in 2021. Then, in 2022, he earned a 78.2 PFF grade. In 2023, he earned an 86.5 PFF grade.

Put simply, he has youth and an upward trajectory on his side. As a free agent, however, the center likely command a massive wad of cash.

If the Eagles are serious about avenging their Super Bowl loss a year and half ago, it won’t be cheap.

Saquon Barkley and Jalen Hurts stand for massive gains in 2024 with lineman addition

Centers might be the most underappreciated position in the NFL. They touch the ball as much or if not more than the quarterback. Additionally, they serve as the front gate of the offensive line. If a center is a turnstile, there is no clearer path to the quarterback.

Terabytes of audio have been filled up with analysts expressing how the only way to beat Tom Brady was to get pressure up the middle. If the most accomplished quarterback of all time can’t win without a quality center, Jalen Hurts faces considerable risk with anything but the best.

Additionally, running backs—such as Eagles offseason addition Saquon Barkley—benefit greatly from a wall up front. Offenses might use fancy lingo to dress up their runs, but there are only three directions a back can run. They can run right, left or up the middle. If they run up the middle, it falls on the center to provide much of the wall.

Additionally, with the Eagles inventing the tush push in recent seasons, having a quality center might be the difference between the play working and failing.

Will the Eagles invest heavily in finding a replacement for Kelce, and could it be Williams?

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