Philadelphia Eagles: 3 Burning Questions Following Week 2 Loss vs. Buccaneers

Philadelphia Eagles, Carson Wentz
Bill Streicher-USA Today Images

No. 1: How healthy is Carson Wentz?

Wentz’s journey to stardom is well documented across the football world. After tearing his ACL, Wentz has worked hard to get back onto the field. Regaining the trust of his coaches has been difficult, battling egos and precautionary measures. Finally, he has been cleared to start for Philadelphia’s third game, against the Colts.

Starting their star may be a more difficult decision than some have anticipated. Foles has been average, and some are willing to stick it out with “Saint Nick” as long as it is necessary. Contrarians could cite the lack of offensive production as a key reason to bring Wentz back.

Moreover, we do not know exactly how healthy Wentz is. In his first game back, the Eagles will have to game plan around running the ball and getting the ball out quick, keeping Wentz safe. Also, deeper passes put more stress on the lower body, to generate velocity, and any negative feedback from his leg will have negative consequences. This gives Indianapolis a strategic advantage and Wentz’s performance will suffer.

Similar to the Houston Texans’ Deshaun Watson, Wentz might not trust his leg very much yet, so more difficult throws will look even harder.


Should he even be starting?

Furthermore, another game-planning issue is Wentz’s mobility.

Depending on his health, No. 11 could be rolling out and moving the chains or sitting in the pocket praying that the line will hold up.

Yet again, his health will have a direct impact on Indianapolis’s game plan.

Without the athleticism he has when healthy, Wentz’s impact on the game is not as significant. It is an element to his game that is fragile, yet paramount. Philadelphia’s star quarterback’s health will say a lot in terms of the box score. Managing this risk will be arduous, but extremely necessary for Pederson and Eagles.


  1. This has to be one of the most poorly written articles I’ve ever read. I could name a half dozen reasons.. but one sentence stands out “its surprising Mills is left in the dust with his speed” hes ridiculously slow which is why it was a 7th rd pick.. he doesnt have the speed to consistently keep up with NFL WRs.. you either watch very little football or 0 Eagles football. And Grugier-Hill as a young player we are waiting to develop ????.

    • Actually he was a 7th round pick because of off the field issues.. You shouldve looked that up before you said something.. And his speed is average to above average.. Just saying

  2. ???I agree with Ryan Hall’s comment. I was expecting something enlightening to come from “The X-Factor” portion. To say Mills would take us to an elite level is absurd. Our CB’s are shotty at best. No one fears are secondary, I think that goes without saying.

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