Raiders: 4 moves Las Vegas should still try to make before the season

Devonta Freeman, NFL Free Agency, Bears
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

2. Sign Devonta Freeman

The top two spots on this list include big-name players. We begin with Freeman, who was released by the Atlanta Falcons back in March. Freeman led the NFL in rushing touchdowns with 11 back in 2015. He added 11 more during the following season. It is possible that Freeman decides to sit out this season if he does not get his desired contract.

This is not to say that the Raiders should overpay for Freeman, but they should at least make a call. Josh Jacobs looks like the real deal after one season. As a rookie, he rushed for 1,150 yards and seven touchdowns. Freeman and Jacobs would create a top one-two punch in the league.

Freeman played as part of a duo during his time in Atlanta. He was well complimented by Tevin Coleman and Jacobs could do the same. Freeman is a strong receiver out of the backfield and could provide an elite third down and long yardage option for the Raiders.

Gruden would have plenty to work with if he featured both Jacobs and Freeman in the backfield.