Raiders’ Davante Adams Takes Subtle Shot At Packers’ Aaron Rodgers

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As the offseason has worn on, we have gotten a little more insight into what occurred between the Green Bay Packers and Davante Adams. What was originally seen as a surprise for many, as the Packers traded Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders for a first and second-round pick earlier this offseason, seems like a much more calculated move than we knew.

Adams and quarterback Aaron Rodgers were in constant contact, as they wanted to continue their relationship on the field. However, Adams didn’t feel it was the best situation for him to remain in Green Bay with uncertainty about how much longer Rodgers would play.

That, and wanting to be closer to family, led to Adams being traded to the Raiders. The two All-Pros had an understanding about it and there are no hard feelings, but that could change based on some recent comments that Adams made.

Adams recently spoke about leaving Rodgers and being teamed up with Derek Carr. Carr and Adams were teammates at Fresno State, so there is a relationship and level of chemistry already developed.

There has been a lot of chatter about his statistics dropping because he no longer has Rodgers throwing him the ball. But, according to Adams, the level of talent and ability is similar between Carr and Rodgers. 

That is certainly something that will turn some heads. Adams is sticking up for his quarterback, as any good teammate would and is understandable. But, there is a difference in the level of ability.

Carr is talented, you have to be to remain in the NFL as long as he has been as a starting quarterback. But, he has never been in the discussion as being the most talented quarterback in the league, let alone all time, as Rodgers has been.

There is a reason that Rodgers has won back-to-back MVPs, giving him four in his career. Carr was in the running once in his career and has been great for the Raiders, but he is a few tiers below Rodgers. Having Adams in the mix will help elevate Carr, but a gap will remain between him and Rodgers despite what Adams may believe.