Raiders WR Davante Adams Takes Shot At Media Amid Rumors

Davante Adams, Raiders
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Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams has seen his name in a lot of headlines the last few weeks. A lot of them are trade rumors and reports that he is not happy with the organization currently.

Some of that was on Davante Adams, who shared his candid opinion about the direction the team’s offense was heading in. His interview with The Ringer is what led to many of those trade rumors and discussions of him wanting to play elsewhere as it didn’t seem like he was on the same page with the coaching staff.

It would seem that all of that was blown out of proportion. No fissures are forming between Davante Adams, general manager Dave Zeigler and head coach Josh McDaniels. The star wide receiver never asked out Sin City, either.

It is something that Davante Adams has had enough of hearing about. He recently took a shot at the media and spoke out about how he feels about being with the Raiders. Davante Adams says he loves being a part of the organization and the things being reported were taken out of context.

“I’m here to win a Super Bowl. … If you guys are that bored, go play Monopoly or some s***.”

At times, people in the media will attempt to connect dots that aren’t really there. That is essentially what Davante Adams is insinuating occurred here, as his quotes about the team’s offense didn’t tell the whole story.

The Raiders’ current brain trust of Zeigler and McDaniels have a great relationship with Davante Adams according to the head coach. The All-Pro has been providing them with feedback throughout the offseason and will continue doing so, whether it is positive or constructive criticism.

Davante Adams wasn’t thrilled with how a few things played out this offseason, namely at quarterback. He was hoping the Raiders would be able to make a move for Aaron Rodgers, his quarterback with the Green Bay Packers. That didn’t happen, as Jimmy Garoppolo was signed in free agency, but that wasn’t something that was going to push him to want out of Las Vegas.