Los Angeles Rams: 2 Sophomores Poised to Break Out in 2018

The Los Angeles Rams’ recent NFL Drafts have been rocky, but the 2017 class can step forward and help them contend. Here are two sophomores poised to break out this year.

The key to most teams’ success in the NFL is their contributions from players on cheaper contracts. Teams that have star rookies and younger players are more likely to win than a team who cannot draft effectively. Cost-relative talent is something all teams value, but not everybody has, aiding the variance of parity across the league.

In Los Angeles, the Rams have a strong veteran presence, but their young core is still developing. Thankfully, they have sophomores poised to break out in 2018.

One advantage this roster has is the newer establishment Los Angeles has acquired. Wade Phillips was already recognized as an amazing defensive coordinator. Now, Sean McVay will get his chance to shine after a great rookie year as head coach. After Jeff Fisher’s firing late in 2016, talent has been allowed to blossom and reach heights many fans did not think possible. Subsequently, the Rams hold a ton of potential and are waiting to explode onto the scene in their Super Bowl window, which is off to a great start this season following L.A.’s 2-0 start this year with victories over the Oakland Raiders and Arizona Cardinals in Weeks 1 and 2, respectively.

Unequivocally on the quest to win it all, the Rams had a crazy offseason, adding many veterans. Cornerback Marcus Peters, defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, cornerback Aqib Talib and wide receiver Brandin Cooks all joined an already playoff-ready team. It is clear they are trying to win before they pay quarterback Jared Goff, who is still on his rookie contract.

They’ve successfully put the league on notice, now it’s time for the last piece of the puzzle to come together.

Once again, the young talents on this team must perform if the Rams are going to go all the way. Year-to-year development is imperative to the ultimate goal. The focus of this development is centered on two sophomores that complete their respective units.

Here are the two sophomores poised to break out this year.

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