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Allen Robinson has spent the last three seasons as a member of the Chicago Bears, and after a strong season could land himself a big pay day this offseason. Robinson, 27, came into the NFL as a second round pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars and has been one of the best wide receivers in the league since then.

Robinson, who has been very vocal about his displeasures with the Bears organization, will surely find a new team to call home next season. He has been unhappy with the team for awhile now and could look to sign with a contending team.

He totaled 102 receptions, 1,250 receiving yards, and six receiving touchdowns for the Bears in 2020 and he could look to be a huge impact for a needy team. Robinson will be treated as he deserves, with a hefty paycheck, this offseason and that could greatly impact his decision.

There are a plethora of teams that could use a star wide receiver on their team, but none on the market may be as good as Allen Robinson.

Here’s a look at four teams that could pursue Robinson in free agency.

Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts are fresh off of a playoff defeat and could use some additional weapons to pair alongside Michael Pittman Jr. and Jonathan Taylor. There may not be a better option on the wide receiver market than Allen Robinson, and he would mesh so well with this team.

The Colts have the most cap space in the NFL and could use that to lure Robinson away from other teams that may be interested. Robinson may also be interested in the Colts because of their playoff appearance this season. Robinson is far too good of a wide receiver to play for a team that under appreciates him and he would be greatly appreciated in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis will likely lose both Zach Pascal and TY Hilton this offseason and will need some wide receivers to replace them. There may not be a better fit than Allen Robinson who had three games in 2020 where he recorded 10 or more receptions.

New England Patriots

The New England Patriots enter the 2021 offseason with a whole lot of cap space and a significant need at wide receiver. Bill Belichick has a way about him of convincing star players to join his team, and he may be able to do the same thing with Allen Robinson.

Robinson, 27, hauled in more receptions in 2020 than all the Patriots wide receivers did combined, which shows a lot about who Cam Newton had to throw to this past season. The Patriots will also be looking to bring in a quarterback, and could bring in a guy that could make the most out of Robinson’s abilities.

If Robinson straps up for the Patriots in 2021, the Patriots could be right back in playoff contention. Belichick has proven in the past he doesn’t need much to work with, but adding Robinson would be a huge help.

New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints played pretty much every game in 2020 with a different wide receiver room and it showed when Drew Brees was sidelined with his broken ribs. The Saints do not have a lot of cap space to work with, but one area they could choose to spend some money in is another wide receiver.

The Saints use a third wide receiver on the field more so than any other team so by bringing in a guy like Allen Robinson, it would give the Saints a much needed third option for a team that will likely be without future Hall of Fame signal caller Drew Brees in 2021. The Saints will still have Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas, and Emmanuel Sanders, but they could bring in some much needed depth at the wide receiver position by signing Robinson.

Sean Payton knows exactly what he would be getting in Robinson, and he’s a guy who might be willing to take a pay cut to play in the Big Easy. If so, the Saints should certainly make a move for the 2015 Pro Bowler.

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins were a win away from a playoff appearance for the first time in awhile, and they could be a prime candidate to land free agent wide receiver Allen Robinson this offseason.

Robinson, paired up with Tua Tagovailoa, would be a great fit in Miami and could be paid accordingly as well. While the Dolphins weren’t a playoff team in 2020, they weren’t far from it and could certainly contend with Brian Flores at head coach.

Robinson would thrive on a team with a player friendly head coach and that’s exactly what the Dolphins have. Flores runs a tight ship, but there’s not a thing he wouldn’t do for one of his guys, and that was evident throughout the season.

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