Ranking the NFL’s top MVP candidates entering Week 6

Packers, Aaron Rodgers
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The race for the MVP is going to come down to the wire this season. Already we are seeing some very impressive games by many different players. While some of these payers were expected to be in the MVP talks, others are coming in as a bit of a surprise. Although there’s plenty of football left, after 5 weeks we have a good idea of who’s legit and who isn’t. This season offenses are exploding, and we are seeing better Quarterback play than ever before. While right now this list is entirely Quarterbacks, if some backs could have more team success they may find their name on a list like this later down the year.

In order to be in the MVP race you must have two things, consistently strong performances and be in playoff contention. There is a lot of football left so every teams still in contention. However, these MVP players are able to secure big wins when their team needs it. The MVP award at its most literal is the player who is most valuable to their team. If these players were lost, their team would be lost without them. No competition is too tough, no spotlight is too bright, an MVP rises to the occasion.

While the season is still young, there have been many big stars going down with injury. I feel in a list of MVP Power Rankings, Dak Prescott should be mentioned. While the Cowboys defense was struggling, Dak was still putting together an incredible season. He was playing like a true MVP, unfortunately an ankle injury is ending his season early. While the injury keeps him off this list, he was putting together one of the most impressive season I’ve ever seen. If the Cowboys were able to win the division and Dak was healthy, he would be a top candidate.

This season the MVP waters are still a bit murky. We are seeing many players at the top of their game. While there’s still a lot of football left, the MVP race should be one of the best we’ve seen in recent memory. Some players aren’t there yet and are just missing the cut. However, 5 players are truly standing out to me as MVP front runners. Here is the MVP Race Power Rankings for the top 5 candidates.

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