Ravens: 3 Reasons Baltimore defeated the Bills in Week 1

The Baltimore Ravens versus the Buffalo Bills was the only game played in Week 1 that wasn’t relatively even close.

During a downpour of rain, the Ravens made a mockery of the entire Bills team, putting on a scoring clinic on their way to a 47-3 victory. The Ravens are off to a 1-0 season and can look back to everything that went right in the one-sided victory.

Baltimore is looking to make the playoffs after missing the postseason the last three years. In Week 1, the Ravens looked very dangerous, maybe even dangerous enough to challenge the Pittsburgh Steelers for the AFC North title, especially as the Steelers finished their season opener by tying the Cleveland Browns 21-21.

Winning a NFL game by 44 points is very impressive no matter who the opponent. Baltimore showed they have a team capable of going far in the AFC. Some keys to this win for the Ravens was the performance of quarterback Joe Flacco and his new wide receivers. In addition, a tremendous performance from the always consistent Ravens defense was vital.

Here are three reasons why Baltimore came away with the victory.