Ravens: 4 moves Baltimore should still try to make before the season

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The regular season cannot come soon enough for the Baltimore Ravens. They were the No. 1 seed in the AFC last season with a 14-2 record. The season ended in a disappointing way with a divisional round loss to the Tennessee Titans but they will have a chance to avenge that loss in 2020.

Lamar Jackson won MVP in 2019 by unanimous selection. Opposing defenses were unable to contain his duel-threat abilities. John Harbaugh could call for less designed runs for Jackson this season, but that does not take away his ability to create and extend plays using his legs. The offense could always add another playmaker on the outside, but their backfield is elite.

The Ravens averaged 206 rushing yards per game last season. They used their second-round pick on J.K. Dobbins to pair with Mark Ingram. On the defensive side of the ball, Earl Thomas III was let go after getting in an altercation with a teammate on the practice field.

This will negatively impact the defense on the field but should be a good move in the locker room. This is something the team could look to address prior to Week 1.

Baltimore is prepared to be one of the top teams in the league once again. Their schedule is extremely favorable and their roster is as complete as could be. If they choose to, here are four moves that would help on the field.


  1. Behind the current starters at safety there are is a rookie. So I agree with the desire to add a veteran safety, one with minimal injury history. Trading the bus should happen when another team comes calling and that will happen after season starts and instances of non-production or injury occur. The Clay Matthew piece made more sense last year, however, at this time I say definitely no. Clay had his opportunity last year and I am not ready to remove snaps from Bowser and Ferguson. As far as a veteran wide receiver if I had to choose one it would be a Antonio Brown. By the time Mr. Brown’s suspension is over we will know that from a receiver perspective whether we need help. I willingly bet that the wide receiver room stats improve this year. The one issue would be an injury to Hollywood or Andrews. What player’s presence would grab attention and cause problems for opposition. Any deal for Antonio needs to be Raven Friendly and incentive based

  2. I think we should sign Dez and Clowney. I like Matthews, but I want us to get Clowney. We do need a veteran WR, who can those passes in clutch time and get those yards

  3. I m not sure I like any of those moves, sure right now it seems like Gus has a limited role, but even if he just the short yardage/red zone back he ll be important. But if Ingram or dobbins has to miss some time, he becomes real important. As far as safety help, our defense is pretty complicated so bringing a guy in now doesn’t seem like it would work, unless you bringing Tony back I didn’t see it . Chuck and Elliott already know it and they say they like playing together. Deshawn is an athlete he just needs to stay heathy and get XP. You ll prob see jimmy in some man schemes against TEs and maybe Levine if something bad happens. As far as WR : Brown is a stud. Sneads proven, Boykins got to step up but you got to give him the chance to. It’s not like he dropped a Bunch if passes last year, we just threw 60% of the passes to TEs.

  4. Mohamed Sanu would be a veteran WR that would fit well in Bmore in my opinion always been a good wide out with good hands and strong route running. Plus he’ll probably come cheap. Just a thought.

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